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RedEarth Thai Favourites

Thai Restaurant & Takeaway Mount Isa
15 Feb

RedEarth Thai Favourites

A little information on our RedEarth Thai Favourites:

Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry also known as, Matasaman Curry was originated in central Thailand through Persian merchant Sheik Ahmad Qomi. Historians believe the name Massaman could have been originated by the word Mussulman which is another word for Muslim. This dish is an integral part of Thailand’s cuisine. The first ever Massaman curry was made with bitter orange juice and was recorded by Lady Plean Passakornrawong in 1889.  Our Massaman Curry is made with a mild and creamy taste with braised beef in coconut milk, potatoes, onion peanut and a hint of tamarind juice.

RedEarth Thai Favourites

Pad Thai

Pad Thai was created as part of a campaign led by the Prime Minister to promote Thailand in the late 1930’s. A public contest was held to find a national noodle dish with the winning entry being Pad Thai. The aim was to westernise Thailand after it’s re-naming from Siam. The plan was to decrease the Chinese influence which is why wheat noodles were not used. Our Pad Thai is made by stir frying rice noodles, meat of your choice, bean sprouts, garlic chives, tofu & egg, flavoured with tamarind fish sauce, oyster sauce & sugar topped with ground roasted peanuts.

RedEarth Thai Favourites

Green Curry

Surprise, surprise the name Green Curry was derived from the colour of the dish because it is made using green chillies. Historians believe that Thai Green Curry has an Asian origin but the recipe went under many changes by the people in Thailand before introducing it to other countries around the world. The curry is not necessarily any sweeter than other curries but the spiciness does vary making it much milder than the Red Curry. Our Green Curry is full of spices and cooked in coconut milk with the meat of your choice, sliced bamboo, eggplant, green beans, basil, green and red capsicum.

Thai Curry

All dishes are available from our RedEarth Thai Restaurant from Tuesday to Saturday. Phone 1800 603 488 to place an order or reservation, takeaway from 5pm-9pm and dine in 6pm-9pm.