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Get info on the latest specials and events. Find out about current promotions and latest general news from Mount Isa.
19 Jan Award Winner 2016

RedEarth Hotel proud 2016 award winner with The annual award recognises accommodation partners achievements over the past year, measured by an overall guest...
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Latest Specials & Events at RedEarth Boutique Hotel

Find out all the latest news, specials, promotions and happenings from around the RedEarth Hotel and Isa Hotel. Be the first to find out about our new promotions and great accommodation specials. Join us on Facebook to stay up to date with current events and news from our staff and customers. The RedEarth Hotel is also on Instagram. Keep an eye out for competitions, giveaways and more via these social media platforms. This latest specials and events page also contains useful information about our town. You can read a little Mount Isa History or find out more about our Outback Oasis City. Stay up to date on the Mount Isa Rotary Rodeo and how our town expands as a result of this annual, very popular event.

Mount Isa is home to a diverse population, large range of shops and many sporting/cultural activities. Access to amazing outback scenery with many local attractions and landscapes to be explored, our town never fails to inspire. That in mind one of the best things about Mount Isa today, is its rich history and inspiring community spirit. The dynamic spirit of Mount Isa, boils down to what Mount Isa’ians know best – true Aussie spirit. The RedEarth Hotel embraces this spirit due to its long standing roots within the Mount Isa community since 1926. We also give back and do so in multiple ways. RedEarth Hotel support and sponsorship local organisations, community events, annual functions, teams and associations. As a result examples can be found within many local sporting teams. Each team wearing with pride the Isa Hotel and or RedEarth Hotel Logo. Isa and RedEarth Hotel,setting a high standard in regional hospitality.